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Terje Høyland

Grateful for death?

In these Halloween times, let me give you a lovely perspective on death!

Are we heading for more T-junctions? 

After a long time with roundabouts, where you can drive several laps before choosing one of the roads ahead, we are increasingly encountering T-junctions.

How to take "Vigeland home"?

This weekend, new records were set at Vigeland! 800 people on Sunday! Fædrelandsvennen is also present. They ask: Why do people come?

What is happening at Vigeland?

In a small town near Mandal, something is happening! But how should we understand what is happening?

How tackle big changes?

We have been with our global family in Bangkok. Some are facing revival, others face persecution. And they face it in exactly the same way!

A moment that changed!

None of us understood it when it happened, but this moment in April 2010 was to change the church in Cambodia.

Don't despise the small beginnings

It seemed to be over before it really began. It was awkward, but the last word had not been said:


When God doesn't play by the rules

We have a penchant for the religious. Over time, we often develop habits that turn into expectations of God. God has never taken that into account.

Now is the time for mission!

There's a window now that the world has never seen before! How long it is open, no one knows!

Where on earth?

Is it certain that God wants you in Stavanger? Did God really say?

Is it possible to be so gullible??!

The odds were sky high that I would be able to keep up with the Bible in a year. But not only have I finished, I'm also wildly excited!


"Jaffal not Nineveh"

"It's great to be part of what God is doing!" and "Lord, here I am, send me!" gets an unpleasant encounter with "Jaffal not Nineveh".

Will there be a revival in Norway?

After the last worldwide crisis, there was a noticeable change in the people in relation to believing in Jesus. Will revival happen again in Norway?

Introduction of a new currency?

God takes my heart more and more for what was called His national cause. It has led to a currency that is anything but crypto. 

It's raining jumbo jets!

Imagine 88 packed jumbo jets crash landing every day!! 44,000 die - every day - without having heard of Jesus!