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Geir Loftesnes

Jesus? Da capo, yes!

Two years of the master of masters and the boss of all bosses.


IMI Church in prayer and fasting

O Christmas with IMI

IMI does not shut down


Let the little children come to the service

What is the children's place during the service?

To choose after the choice

New government, new options?

Pace for life 

For those of us who want a slightly slower pace

Wait for me, God!

Does God wait for us more than we wait for him?

A God who gives

Rather than what we need when crises occur, we should also ask who we need.

Looking for God knows what

"People haven't said no to God, they just don't know what he looks like."

Stavanger, light of the world? 

Can a joke from Mimir Kristjánsson say something true?


Prayer and fasting: God doesn not keep his distance

An important tool for hearing God's voice during a troubled time.

Pilgrimage to the United States

The simple is often the best. But not always.

Why another summer conference?

Next week the third Open Sky Summer Festival is held – why did we start with this at all?

What we can learn from Donald Trump

Surprised by the headline? Let me explain

From desert to spring

How to have a meaningful summer?