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Thomas Wilhelmsen

The battle for the victim role

What happens when victim mentality becomes a persistent pandemic, a central part of how we navigate through life and nurture our young people?

Seeing that I needed the year in Bible school

Over 30 years, the relationship between Bible school, church and student has been of enormous and mutual benefit. For Glenn Martin, the year was pivotal:

"Are you homophobic?" or "Do you hate women?"

How do we create space for different opinions in our society?

Community builder

"ACTA Bible School hopes for new and exciting line offerings from autumn 2022"


ACTA IMI Church's Bible school will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary. I have thought a lot about what our legacy is - and what we will continue to be.

"Am I good enough?"  

A well-known and vulnerable question. But what is the answer?

Inheritance settlement

By valuing and managing our wealth, we give our followers the best conditions to go places we were never able to go ourselves.