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Marian Nygård

Direction in the different year 2020

This was the year it was so steep. So different. It broke with our expectations. 2020 came as an uninvited guest and stayed.


Love in the time of the corona

What does love look like in a challenging time? Where care is measured in meters, and where the clamp is replaced with an extra dose of rubbing alcohol?

Habits that give a happy life

The online newspaper recently reported that research has identified six habits that give you a happy life. But do these habits sound familiar?

On a trip with Jesus

We just want to be part of what God is doing. We do not question how he does it.

Seeds that transform a life and a city

Jorun met at 9 precisely in the coffee bar in IMI - exactly as agreed. She had a story to tell.

Coffee, chocolate, mice and church

What can explain the sweeping changes and explosive growth in Cuba? Besides an unbeatable combo of Norwegian chocolate and Cuban coffee?

Steep learning curve in Cuba

We were back in Cuba for the second Agenda 1 gathering. Now it would be seen if our teaching had taken root in real life.

Church complete with pigs and mangoes

"Then will you come to my church tomorrow?" He looked at me encouragingly.

Healing and those prophetic things

As soon as we were out the doors, the Cuban pastor turned to me and said, “Like that! Now you have to tell me all about the Healing Room! ”

Joy and awakening in Cuba!

An excited group arrived in Havana in May. The team from IMI Church and Normisjon looked forward to running the very first Agenda 1 gathering in Cuba.

Benjamin follows Jesus and can lose everything. Is it worth it?

Now begins the appeal of the convert Benjamin. Will the Norwegian authorities recognize his faith, or will he be sent back to Afghanistan?

Elections with major consequences

Harald Haukås had just started as a fund manager in Skagen Fondene when it dawned on him that he wanted to do something else.

IMPULS - a bluff or an investment in eternity?

2,100 young people have spent the weekend at IMPULS. 400 volunteers have put in countless hours. What's left?

The power of a word of knowledge

What would it be like if you received a word from God? Two women tell here about what happened when one word of knowledge hit them both.

Retirement in the church?

Kjellaug and Kåre Bødalen did not think it was an alternative to sit at home. They wanted new challenges in an inspiring community.