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Egil Elling Ellingsen

From cream buns to fasting

My experience is that when we make room to seek God, we don't need to stress about what comes out of it.

The Bible in another year?

The story of how a simple Facebook group provided community and spiritual replenishment during the pandemic.

Confessions of a Bookworm

Some unvarnished thoughts about why you should read a book this summer.

My or the Bible's picture of God?

When you've finally made it through all the first five books of the Bible, only to discover that the sequel is even more challenging!

Generosity in the time of the pandemic

Should we let generosity be part of the new normal?


Let's be honest: 2021 has not started the way we wanted, either personally or as a congregation.

How are you preparing for 2021?

When we are less able to plan what we are going to do in 2021, it becomes all the more important to ask how we prepare ourselves for what 2021 brings.

With Kindness to Lebanon

When the crisis hit, it meant a lot that someone from another country would care.

Under the surface

Gloomy figures about the Christian faith should challenge us as a church and followers of Jesus, but not take away our courage.

Trump or Biden?

Shaking Donald Trump's head is a simple exercise. Maybe we should ask some self-examining questions instead?

The Supreme Court rejects the appeal from Arne Viste

IMI Church is disappointed that the Supreme Court rejects the appeal from Arne Viste. The situation is getting worse for the 3,000 long-awaited asylum seekers.

Good food made in love changes?

The need for Goodness will not diminish if society is reopened.

From response to direction

With Corona, a lot changed very quickly. But how does this time change us in the long run?

Disappointed that the Arne Viste appeal was rejected

-We are surprised by the outcome. We had hoped that the Court of Appeal would look at the role of the Constitution in the question.

New, exciting collaboration signed!

Today we have signed an agreement that makes our student offer a quantum leap!