WELCOME to Church Services 2021!

Thank you for keeping up to date with what's happening in IMI – even when guidelines for good infection control change. We continue to search and find good solutions for meeting points within the congregation. Here's what it looks like at the moment:


For families with children under the age of 10: There will be live family service from IMI on Zoom Sundays at 11:00. It will be interactive, exciting communication and an opportunity to see other IMI faces. Link to registration follows below.

Join the link here: https://zoom.us/j/7284056232

The familyservice starts at 11:00 on Sunday, with access to the Zoom Room from 10:45. We have to let everyone in manually so just wait until you get in, it's going to go on an ongoing basis. Turn on your camera so everyone can see each other. And the sound we have off until it is announced in the program that the sound should be on for a few seconds. Remember to sign in before 11:00 so you don't miss anything. The broadcast lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Here are some alternative ways to sign in.
  • Tap the link and Zoom should open itself in the Zoom app on your phone, tablet or computer. If you haven't installed this, follow the instructions on your screen.
  • If you do not get further on the link try copying the address into a web browser and follow the instructions from there.
  • You can also copy the 11-digit number code from the link, which is the Meeting ID to the service, under the Join button in the Zoom app.


  • For children in 5th-7th grade: Gathering at Zoom at 12:00 on Sundays. The broadcast lasts about 30 minutes.
Join the link here: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/2569435254?pwd=dEFGem5IMURQeWtnSlVTQ291M29ndz09


  • For young people: In youth work JOIN, special gatherings are made at IMI for the different age groups on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so that everyone is offered a meeting point a week. More information about this goes out in separate e-mail to young people and parents.


  • For young adults and adults: a 20-minute program is made with testimony, input and prayer. This is made available as early as Friday before the weekend and can be seen by everyone – but is especially intended for use in the house churches/cell groups. We encourage the house churches to meet weekly during this time, and that one then turns the service and house church gathering together into a common meeting point. Video in Norwegian and interpreted into English can be found below. And besides, you can use one of our worship playlists from Spotify.

Spørsmål til samtale:
1. Hva bekjenner du i ditt hjerte?
2. Hva er fokuset i ditt liv?

Question for conversation:
1. What do you confess in your heart?
2. What is your focus in your life?

See and hear past speeches and online house services

Link to our podcast page


Here you will find playlists and all our music from IMI Church:


The congregation's prayer and worship meetings are every Tuesday at 19:00 has started again as long as we can have 100 people in our main hall. Remember to sign up for this: https://www.checkin.no/event/30902/boenn-og-lovsang


The smaller communities become especially important during this time! Do you want to be part of a house church? Contact Irene on irene@imikirken.no. 

Welcome to connect – we hope to see you, one way or another!