Do you long for something more?

Why am I here? Does God exist? Why do I find that life can seem hopeless at times? 

Alpha are gatherings where you as a participant can explore the meaning of life and faith in God, along with others. Each gathering has an engaging input on video, and we set up conversations about faith that are meant to inspire you.

Here it is allowed to come just as you are, regardless of faith and church affiliation. We want to hear your story and your experiences, where no questions or opinions are too provocative. Are you curious? What do you have to lose?!

Millions around the world have already attended an Alpha course and recently the course has become available online. We have very good experiences with this and will therefore invite you to join! Maybe you also want to bring friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances?

Course start: During the spring of 2022

Time : Wednesdays at 19:30-20:45

Number of gatherings : 11 Wednesdays + a 2.5 hour gathering

Online tool: Zoom, but requires no technical knowledge

Questions ? We want to hear them! Send to